Most recent news:

12.05.15 Announced as Frogpond Editor for Haiku Society of America.

12.01.15 Received a Pushcart Nomination from The Mondegreen

12.01.15 A Hundred Gourds 5:1, my final issue as haiga editor, released.

11.14.15 Featured reader along with Jim Warner, Beth Gilstrap, and Steph Post at Scuppernong Books (Greensboro, NC).

10.30.15 Publication – Frogpond 38:3 released.

10.14-18.15 Attended and presented at Haiku North America 2015 (Schenectady, NY).

10.01.15 Publication – My chapbook Out of Translation released by Kattywompus Press

09.28.15 Citizen Lit launched.

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